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Benchmark | Week 2 | Day 6


Benchmark | Week 2 | Day 6


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New Years Schedule:

Friday, January 30: 0600, 0930, 1200

Saturday, January 31 (New Years eve) No scheduled classes


Barbell Cycle ends 12/22. Next cycle begins Tuesday, 03 January 2023.

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Week 2 of Benchmarks and deload phase.

Athletes will have a total of 4 training days to complete all prescribed BM’s to include major powerlifting, Conditioning,lifting and endurance tests.

Athletes must be judged on ALL lifts and metcons to record their data. Athletes traveling must submit a video meeting movement standards to Coaches.


Shoulder Press (Establish 1RM)

Bent Over Row (Establish 1RM)

Shoulder Press (Max Repetitions)

*Male Athletes: 75%/Bodyweight

*FemaleAthletes: 50%/Bodyweight

*Max Effort: Total of UNBROKEN reps. Set ends when athlete Racks, fails, orrests for extended period of time.

*2 Heats: ALL athletes judged