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BRAVO | Block 3 | Week 10


BRAVO | Block 3 | Week 10


Out of the Box Workout!

Saturday RuK packing list:

1. Back pack.

2. Water jug (2L. recommended)

3. Gloves

4. Medical kit

5. headlamp/flashlight

6. Rope

7. Brown bag lunch

8. Chang of clothes/towel(optional)

9. Added wt. plate (5-25lbs.) optional depending on how heavy the athlete wants to carry and workout with)


Date: Saturday, December 10

Time: 0830-1030

Location: Triple Falls (Dupont State Park)

Specs: Short RuK, followed by group workout, time at the falls and lunch)

What to bring: Pack, lunch, water, appropriate cold weather attire.

*Friends,family, kids and pets are welcome!



0830: Meet in lower parking lot

0900: Form up at picnic area/stage gear

0915: Group Workout

1000: Sit to eat/recover

1030: Visit/Photograph at Falls

1030-11: Depart

2023 CrossFit Open registration is live!


Blue Ridge CrossFit – CrossFit

1st Week of Final block of “BRAVO” Cycle



Back Squat (4×4/80/80/85/85%)


Low Bar Back Squat (4×4/80,80,85,85%)



Athletes choice between BS or Low Bar BS

Metcon (Weight)

BS or Low bar BS:

(ME/2m @50%)
Compare to wk 10