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VETWOD | Strength Through Struggle II


VETWOD | Strength Through Struggle II

Blue Ridge CrossFit – CrossFit

Benchmark WOD

Strength Through Struggle 2022 | WOD1 (Time)

100 American KB Swings – Hanging Rig Hold

80 Forward KB Lunge Steps – Squat Hold

60 Pull Ups – OH KB hold

40 Goblet Squats – Gob Squat Hold

20 3 Count V Ups – Plank Hold
WT: 45/35#


Teams of 2:

Chipper, Partners split reps however they’d like and work down the list until all are completed. Must complete each movement rep scheme in it’s entirety before moving to the next. One works, one holds static position. If either break, the team has to stop and reps will no longer count until the static position is resumed.–the-weekly-fight/workouts/WFGMMJ