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LIMA | Week 10


LIMA | Week 10

Blue Ridge CrossFit – CrossFit



Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

TABATA | 20/10 | 3rds

Hollow Rock

Oblique Bend (L)

Combat Roll

Oblique Bend (R)
*WT: Athlete Choice

*Record WT in “Notes”

*3m Transition


Metcon (No Measure)

KettleBell Complex:


5 SA KB Swing

5 SA KB High Pull

5 SA KB Snatch

5 SA KB Front Squat

*Perform 5 Reps of each movements on Left side then 5 Reps of each movement on Right side.

*Rest 15s between sides and Rest 45s between Rds.
WT: Athlete choice. Choose wt to go UB each Rd. (Go heavy AP but light enough to stay UB and focus on technique!)

*Athlete can climb or scale wt. as needed throughout