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Home Workout #3


Home Workout #3


Independence Day Week Schedule:

Wednesday, July 05

0600-0700: CrossFit

0930-1030: CrossFit

1030-1200: Open Gym

1200-1300: CrossFit

1800-1900: CrossFit

Blue Ridge CrossFit – CrossFit


Workouts for Athletes wanting to train at home or on vacation over the Independence Day Weekend.

Workouts will be built assuming no equipment is available (Bodyweight)

Workouts will be designed shorter in nature (15-25m) to be efficient and productive as possible.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:


20 Jumping Air Squat

15 Clapping Pushups

10 Step-ups L/R=2

05 Bastard Burpees

Jumping AS: Pulsing Air Squat

Clapping PU: Pushups

Stepups: Forward Lunge

Bastard B: Burpee