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HDS-Hybrid Athlete-Phase 1.4


HDS-Hybrid Athlete-Phase 1.4

Blue Ridge CrossFit – HDS-Hybrid Athlete


Welcome Warriors!

Nice to have you onboard!

For your info:

We are actually within the 2nd month, week 4!

Bodyweight Circle #1

All exercises should be done correctly and with your full attention/focus.

Feel the involved muscles and perform all reps without a hurry!

Sometimes less is more!

Again, nice to have you here!

You will need a timer for a lot of our workouts- i can recommend the free APP: TABATA TIMER

If you have any questions, donĀ“t hesitate to let us know your questions!

Active Rest Day (No Measure)

Although rest days are important for mucle repair and recovery,

the human body requires daily physical stimulation.

Use this day for light cardio activities of choice.

E.g. gentle hiking, biking, nice walk, yoga, swimming or

playing any sport with your friends/famlily

+Speed Up recovery

+Reduce soreness

+Reduce muscle stiffness build up

+Maintaining your Workout Routine