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Heather Carland

stars“Our family moved to Fletcher 4 years ago after my husband Rick retired from the army. In the army everywhere we ever moved to we always had a new extended family embracing us, accepting us, encouraging us and supporting us. We finally found our family when we walked in the front door of BRCF on September 1, 2014. Six months later with the support and encouragement of the amazing coaches, my new found family and changing my diet to paleo; I’ve lost 20 pounds, 14.25 inches, and 4 dress sizes but I’ve gained a tremendous amount of confidence and strength. I’ve accomplished so much in the last six months then I ever have in years at the gym. I’ve tried for years to be able to do a pull up and after six months at BRCF during the crossfit open 15.2 I finally did not one but eight! Honestly, if it wasn’t for my coach and friend Brittany’s last minute coaching and encouragement I’d be still struggling. BRCF is about meeting you where you are at and helping you get to the next level. I have SO much more I want to learn and achieve and I know with the amazing programming and skill work that Tom Tomlo provides and the encouragement of this new family I will get there.”

-Heather Carland