Steve, an avid cyclist and endurance athlete at the time, started CrossFit in the summer of 2012 for the purpose of preparing to haul a 45 pound backpack around the Grand Canyon for a 6 day back country hiking trip. He had planned to train for just a few months to get ready for the trip, then return full time to cycling. But he quickly fell in love with the challenging workouts and the friendly competitiveness, camaraderie, and sense of community he found through CrossFit.

Steve is a CF-L3 (Certified CrossFit Trainer/CCFT) and authored the CrossFit Journal article How to Study for and Pass the CF-L3 Exam. He is CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, a CrossFit Endurance (Running) Trainer, and has completed substantial additional training through CrossFit and other organizations: StrongFirst Kettlebell, CrossFit Scaling, CrossFit Spot the Flaw, CrossFit Judges Course, NASM Personal Trainer, Foundation Training Student Trainer, Mental Strength Trainer Certificate from Warrior Mind Coaching, and others.

Steve has Bachelor of Art’s and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Florida and still works part-time as an attorney, but his passions have always involved athletics, fitness, nutrition and the great outdoors. His athletic endeavors have included competitive tennis, distance running, cross country mountain bike racing, cycling, rock climbing, multi-day backcountry hiking trips, peak bagging, kayaking, and others–anything that is outdoors and involves physical exertion. He has completed the New York Marathon, a 100 mile mountain bike endurance race, and multiple century rides on the road bike. He has done several multi-day hiking trips in strenuous terrain, including the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park, and has climbed Pyramid Peak, a technical 14,000 foot peak in Colorado’s Maroon Bell’s Wilderness.

Having an endurance athletics background, and understanding the many pitfalls of training primarily for one activity in lieu of a balanced fitness, Steve wants to help others understand the health benefits of a fitness program that emphasizes broad physical abilities and functional movement.